Special Issue on Microscale Mechanisms and Robots

Call for Papers ASME JMR MicroScale Mechanisms and Robots

The idea of microrobots with capabilities similar to their insect counterparts has excited the robotics and microsystems communities for over two decades. Survivors after an earthquake could be found faster if robotic bugs could target the efforts of first responders.  Robotic surgery  can be enhanced by injected  robots or robotic  systems at the end of a catheter. Ants and termites build impressive structures and microrobots could be used to manufacture large structures in a similar fashion. Building microrobots is a long-term challenge that will require a number of scientific and technical advances. For  example, microscale mechanisms are required to interface with the world, microactuators might be required to drive these  mechanisms, and microscale sensors and controllers will be necessary depending on the application. Impressive demonstrations to date include flying robots the size of bee, microscale magnetic manipulation for medical applications, compliant mechanism design at small scales, and terrestrial robots the size of ants. However, there is still much work to be done to solve these numerous challenges.

This special issue seeks a collection of papers that address the challenges inherent in the mechanics, design, fabrication, and application of microscale mechanisms and microrobots. Approaches can focus on microscale mechanisms, including design, fabrication, novel materials, and modeling. Papers can also focus on relevant subcomponents of a microrobotic system,  but  should  address  some  aspect  of  the mechanics  or  design  of  these  subcomponents.  Finally,  papers  are welcome that address integration of these components into mechanical systems at small scales. Lessons learned in both modeling and/or application are relevant

Submission Guidelines

Papers should be submitted electronically at http://journaltool.asme.org by selecting “Mechanisms and Robotics” then “Microscale Mech anisms and Robots” in the special-issue dropdown menu. Information about the Journal of Mechanisms & Robotics can be found at http://mechanismsrobotics.asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/journal.aspx.

Projected Timelines

January 16, 2017  – First call for  papers released
April 10, 2017  – Submission deadline (12 weeks)
April 17, 2017  – Reviewers assigned (1 weeks)
May 8, 2017  – Reviews completed (4 weeks)
May 15, 2017  – Decisions and author notification (1 weeks)
June 12, 2017  – Revisions completed (3 weeks)
June 19, 2017  – Final decisions made (1 week)
July 10, 2017  – Final drafts due (3 weeks)
Total elapsed time:  25 weeks

These papers will be published online as soon as the entire issue is ready but in print in the October 2017 issue.

Guest Editors

Sarah Bergbreiter, University of Maryland,  sarahb@isr.umd.edu
Larry Howell, Brigham Young University,  lhowell@byu.edu
Robert J. Wood, Harvard University,  rjwood@eecs.harvard.edu