Keyword: soft robots

Design, Control, and Experimental Validation of a Handshaking Reactive Robotic Interface
February 2016

This work aims at developing a robot hand that is specifically designed to perform a handshake with a person. The hand includes the capability to `feel’ the forces applied by the human user. Therefore, it can also be used as a haptic handshaking system connecting two people performing a remote handshake with haptic feedback.

Robogami: A Fully Integrated Low-Profile Robotic Origami
May 2015

Robogamis are low-profile robotic sheets with multiple bending degrees of freedom. Layer by layer fabrication method of these robots allows embedment of different functional layers. The sub-millimeter thickness of Robogamis enables diverse transformations as those achievable by the paper Origami. The presented Robogami shows the first fully integrated version that has all the essential components for locomotion of a crawler robot.