Keyword: parallel platforms

Control and Motion Planning of a Nonholonomic Parallel Orienting Platform
November 2015

A nonholonomic orienting platform with a passive spherical joint and two actuated translational joints is studied in the paper. The platform is underactuated and its motion must avoid mechanical singularities. In the paper there are algorithms developed for stabilization and motion planning. These algorithms keep platform trajectories within regions of regular configurations.

Helical Kirigami-Enabled Centimeter-Scale Worm Robot With Shape-Memory-Alloy Linear Actuators
May 2015

This work is to introduce the shape-memory-alloy (SMA) as an actuator to an origami parallel mechanism as a section of a novel worm robot. The work presents the design and manufacture of this active origami mechanism and the integrated SMA linear actuators for the worm robot. The use of SMA coil spring actuators provides a novel actuation method using linear actuators for parallel structures composed of only revolute joints, leading to actuation transference between rotary input and linear input. The presented principle of folding a flat sheet to a 3D structure is a step change approach to design and manufacture of fully-integrated robotic mechanisms.

Design and Analysis of 3R2T and 3R3T Parallel Mechanisms With High Rotational Capability
February 2016

A new nonrigid (or articulated) moving platform with passive joints is proposed to reduce the interference between limbs and the moving platform. Then several 3R2T and 3R3T parallel mechanisms are synthesized by use of the proposed moving platform and Lie group theory. Finally, the rotational capability of the synthesized parallel mechanisms is exemplified by the kinematic analysis of one 3R3T parallel mechanism.