Keyword: control

Design, Control, and Experimental Validation of a Handshaking Reactive Robotic Interface
February 2016

This work aims at developing a robot hand that is specifically designed to perform a handshake with a person. The hand includes the capability to `feel’ the forces applied by the human user. Therefore, it can also be used as a haptic handshaking system connecting two people performing a remote handshake with haptic feedback.

Control and Motion Planning of a Nonholonomic Parallel Orienting Platform
November 2015

A nonholonomic orienting platform with a passive spherical joint and two actuated translational joints is studied in the paper. The platform is underactuated and its motion must avoid mechanical singularities. In the paper there are algorithms developed for stabilization and motion planning. These algorithms keep platform trajectories within regions of regular configurations.

Definition and Computation of Tensegrity Mechanism Workspace
November 2015

Tensegrity mechanisms are mechanical systems composed of rigid struts maintained in compression by tensioned springs. Thanks to this very particular structure, these mechanisms exhibit several advantages for various applications, ranging from mobile robots to manipulators.