Keyword: compliant mechanisms

Using Rigid-Body Mechanism Topologies to Design Path Generating Compliant Mechanisms
February 2016

This paper shows how the design of path generating compliant mechanisms can be improved in a number of ways.

Definition and Computation of Tensegrity Mechanism Workspace
November 2015

Tensegrity mechanisms are mechanical systems composed of rigid struts maintained in compression by tensioned springs. Thanks to this very particular structure, these mechanisms exhibit several advantages for various applications, ranging from mobile robots to manipulators.

Millimeter-Scale Robotic Mechanisms Using Carbon Nanotube Composite Structures
May 2015

Smaller tools for robotic surgery will lead to reduced scarring and recovery times after surgery. However, the small-sized parts required for those tools are difficult to fabricate using conventional processes. In this paper, we demonstrate the fabrication of two potential tools for robotic surgery using a layered manufacturing process based on photolithography of carbon nanotube composite materials. Both tools fit into a cylinder with a 3 mm diameter, and both contain features with size on the order of 10 micrometers.

Fabrication of Composite and Sheet Metal Laminated Bistable Jumping Mechanism
May 2015

At a layer-based manufacturing method using composite microstructures, fabrication method for embedding an elastic component at an angled position is developed. Sheet metal is used as an elastic component, which is stamped after the layering and curing process, thereby changing the neutral position of the spring. By using this fabrication method, a small-scale bi-stable jumping mechanism is fabricated and can jump to a height 175mm with an initial takeoff velocity of 1.93m/s.

Surface and Shape Deposition Manufacturing for the Fabrication of a Curved Surface Gripper
May 2015

Structures in nature frequently combine hard and soft materials and exhibit functional and geometric features ranging from microscopic to macroscopic. To assist in developing new bio-inspired structures and mechanisms, we present a multi-material fabrication process for creating flexible structures with feature lengths ranging from centimeters to micrometers in a single structure. The process is demonstrated for a flexible gripper that grasps curved surfaces using gecko-inspired adhesives.

Robogami: A Fully Integrated Low-Profile Robotic Origami
May 2015

Robogamis are low-profile robotic sheets with multiple bending degrees of freedom. Layer by layer fabrication method of these robots allows embedment of different functional layers. The sub-millimeter thickness of Robogamis enables diverse transformations as those achievable by the paper Origami. The presented Robogami shows the first fully integrated version that has all the essential components for locomotion of a crawler robot.