The ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics publishes research contributions to the fundamental theory, algorithms, design, manufacture and experimental validation for mechanisms and robots. The current scope of the journal includes topics in theoretical and applied kinematics, mechanism synthesis and design, analysis and design of robot manipulators, hands, and legs, soft robotics, compliant mechanisms, origami and folded robots, printed robots, and haptic devices. The journal is also interested in novel fabrication, actuation and control techniques for mechanisms and robotics, bio-inspired approaches to mechanism and robot design, and the mechanics and design of micro- and nano-scale devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please go to the ASME Journals Digital Submission Site and follow the instructions for submitting a work for publication.

At the initial submission (or during revision), authors may include a YouTube URL link to a supporting video as a footnote in their manuscript. 

After a manuscript has been accepted, supporting videos may also be submitted through Journal Tool. Supporting videos submitted through Journal Tool will be reviewed by a designated video editor and if approved, will be included on JMR’s You Tube Channel and Issue playlist.

For video requirements and editing guidelines please follow ASME’s Supporting Video Guidelines. A template video title card can be downloaded here:  



No, we ask that all authors interested in submitting to the JMR submit through the ASME Journals Digital Submission Site.

No, review articles submitted to JMR will not be sent out for review or publication.

JMD welcomes senior members of its community to become more involved by volunteering to organize new special issue topics, serve as Guest Editors, serve on the JMR Electronic Media Board, and write guest posts for our online sites. If you are an author who has published with JMR and are interested in any of these activities please reach out to us at

The participation of the submitting community of authors is especially important to maintain JMR’s high quality review process. The Editorial Board works hard to procure 2-3 quality reviews for each submitted manuscript. Your considered feedback is critical to maintaining the high quality standards of our flagship journal. We do hope you will accept reviewer invitations when you receive them.  If you have not received any reviewer invitations in the recent past please do contact our journal assistant at to be added to our reviewer database.