Experimental Safety Analysis of R-Min, an Underactuated Parallel Robot

Abstract The R-Min robot is an intrinsically safe parallel manipulator dedicated to pick-and-place operations. The proposed architecture is based on a five-bar mechanism, with additional passive joints in order to obtain a planar seven-bar mechanism with two degrees of underactuation, allowing the robot to reconfigure in case of a collision. A preload bar is added […]

Origami Claw Tessellation and Its Stacked Structure

Abstract Origami tessellations belong to a type of origami in which repetitive units are used. Stacking sheets of these origami tessellations is a fabrication technique to construct mechanical cellular meta-materials. Almost all crease-stackable origami tessellations investigated to date are based on the Miura-ori and its derivatives, which contain only four-crease vertices. Such origami tessellations typically […]

Prof. Venkat N. Krovi (FASME, SM IEEE)

Currently the Michelin Endowed SmartState Chair Professor of Vehicle Automation at Clemson University – International Center for Automotive Research.