An Affordable Linkage-and-Tendon Hybrid-Driven Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand—MCR-Hand II

Abstract This paper presents the design, analysis, and development of an anthropomorphic robotic hand coined MCR-hand II. This hand takes the advantages of both the tendon-driven and linkage-driven systems, leading to a compact mechanical structure that aims to imitate the mobility of a human hand. Based on the investigation of the human hand anatomical structure […]

Flexible-Joint Humanoid Balancing Augmentation via Full-State Feedback Variable Impedance Control

Abstract This paper attempts to address the quandary of flexible-joint humanoid balancing performance augmentation, via the introduction of the Full-State Feedback Variable Impedance Control (FSFVIC), and Model-Free Compliant Floating-base VIC (MCFVIC) schemes. In comparison to rigid-joint humanoid robots, efficient balancing control of compliant bipeds, powered by Series Elastic Actuators (or harmonic drives), requires the design […]

Single Task Optimization-Based Planar Box Delivery Motion Simulation and Experimental Validation

Abstract Box delivery is a complicated task and it is challenging to predict the box delivery motion associated with the box weight, delivering speed, and location. This paper presents a single task-based inverse dynamics optimization method for determining the planar symmetric optimal box delivery motion (multi-task jobs). The design variables are cubic B-spline control points […]

Identification of Non-Transversal Motion Bifurcations of Linkages

Abstract The local analysis is an established approach to the study of singularities and mobility of linkages. The key result of such analyses is a local picture of the finite motion through a configuration. This reveals the finite mobility at that point and the tangents to smooth motion curves. It does, however, not immediately allow […]

A Novel Origami-Inspired Delta Mechanism With Flat Parallelogram Joints

Abstract In robotics, the origami-based design methodology uses straightforward fabrication and assembly processes to create small-scale parallel mechanisms. Delta mechanisms are among the well-known parallel mechanisms used mostly in pick-and-place operations due to their capability to reach high speeds and accelerations. In this work, we present a novel Delta mechanism based on origami-inspired designs and […]

Development of a Multi-Cable-Driven Continuum Robot Controlled by Parallel Platforms

Abstract Cable-driven continuum robots exhibit excellent capabilities in the unstructured environment due to their inherent compliance and dexterity. To improve the reliability and load capacity of continuum robots, increasing the number of cables is often used in the control of continuum robots. However, the number of actuators will increase with the cables. To tackle this […]