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    New Design and Prototype of Two Degrees-of-Freedom Planar Parallel Manipulator for Use in Creating an Infinite 3D Printer


    This paper presents a novel two degrees-of-freedom planar parallel manipulator (PPM) designed for infinite-axis 3D printing, alongside tools for facilitating future design iterations. Unlike traditional gantry-supported designs used in infinite-axis 3D printing, which impose significant mass movement requirements, the examined new design prioritizes reducing overall weight to enhance speed potential at the cost of a reduced work area. In this innovative approach, the PPM effectively reduces weight by decoupling the motion of the hot end from that of the motor. Motors are attached to the frame, controlling a system of pulleys, and connecting arms to drive the hot-end’s motion. Due to the length of the arms, the hot end will be unable to fully explore the entire printing plane. Verification of the angled PPM for 3D printing involved developing kinematic and dynamic equations, conducting finite element analysis on critical components, and testing a completed prototype. A metaheuristic optimization method was employed to derive optimal design parameters, focusing on optimizing the arm length of the connectors while maximizing dynamic performance. Considerations included the usable workspace and the angle between the connecting arm and end-effector. The final prototype validated the stability and rigidity of the PPM during movement, indicating its viability for 3D printing. The results presented in this paper demonstrate the capabilities of using an angled PPM in infinite 3D printing, providing fundamental knowledge crucial for future designs involving this innovative mechanism.

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