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    Design and Analysis of a Symmetric Overconstrained Compliant Tilt/Tip Stage Based on a Hybrid Transmission Ratio Model


    Developing a compliant mechanism that have potential in parasitism suppression and cross-axis decoupling is a major challenge to meet the requirement of spatial micro-/nano positioning. This work introduces a compliant tilt/tip stage design with a symmetric and overconstrained configuration that is equipped with four reverse bridge notch flexure amplifiers (RBNFAs) and five revolute notch flexure hinges as multiaxis decoupled structures. A hybrid transmission ratio model is developed to describe the mechanical behavior of this stage using elastic beam and pseudo-rigid-body theories. Finite element analysis (FEA) confirmed the analytical model results. A comprehensive study is performed based on FEA model to validate the influence of a particular configuration on parasitic motion and decoupling effect. A prototype stage is 3D printed and experimentally tested, which confirmed the predictions of the analytical hybrid model. In addition, further analysis was conducted to examine the static mechanical characteristics and parasitic behavior of the stage.

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