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    Finite Element Method-Based Dynamic Modeling Framework for Flexible Continuum Manipulators


    Flexible continuum manipulators (FCMs) are gaining importance because of their maneuverability and pliability in confined and complex spaces, where rigid link manipulators underperform. However, the dynamic behavior and control of the FCM are quite challenging due to its complex nonlinear behavior. In this study, a finite element-based dynamic model framework is derived that accounts for the geometric nonlinearities and inertial effects. An experimental setup of tendon-driven FCM, consisting of a flexible backbone, is developed to validate the model. The modal analysis of the model is in agreement with the analytical solutions, with less than 10% error. The model is also validated for various loading conditions on the tip-actuated tendon-driven FCM. The steady-state tip position predictions are within 15% of the ground truth.

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