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    Drive Layout Configuration Strategy and Scale Optimization Design of Multi-Drive Mode Parallel Mechanism


    Aiming at the inherent defects of single-drive mode parallel mechanisms, such as small good workspace and many singular configurations, a new multi-drive mode parallel mechanism is proposed from the perspective of driving innovation. Taking the planar 6R parallel mechanism as an example, the driving layout configuration strategy and scale optimization design are studied. First, the potential driving layout of the mechanism is analyzed, and the inverse kinematics model of the mechanism is established. Then, based on the motion/force transmission index, the singular space and good transmission workspace of the mechanism are identified, and the mechanism-driven layout configuration strategy is formulated to complete the performance comparison analysis. Finally, based on the performance map method, the scale optimization design of the mechanism is carried out, the prototype is developed and manufactured, and the experimental verification is carried out. The research results show that the multi-drive mode parallel mechanism can improve its kinematic performance without changing the topological structure and scale parameters of the mechanism.

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