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    A Dynamical Model for the Control of a Guyed Tensegrity Beam Under Large Displacements


    Most studies regarding models of tensegrity systems miss the possibility of large static deformations or provide elaborate and lengthy solutions to determine the system dynamics. Contrarily, this work presents a straightforward methodology to find the dynamic characteristics of a guyed tensegrity beam structure, allowing the application of vibration control strategies in conditions of large deformations. The methodology is based on a low-order, adaptive, nonlinear finite element model with pre-stressed components. The method is applied to numerical and experimental models of a class 2 tensegrity structure with a high length-to-width aspect ratio. Image processing and accelerometer data are combined to extract the experimental natural frequencies of the structure, which are compared to numerical results. Prony’s method is applied to estimate damping, and a numerical control strategy is employed using the dynamical model of the structure.

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