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    Design of a 2RRU-RRS Parallel Kinematic Mechanism for an Inner-Cavity Machining Hybrid Robot


    This article presents a hybrid robot for machining the inner cavity of large-scale workpiece, and it is composed of three parts: a mobile device with 1T degree-of-freedom (DoF), a serial module with 1R1T DoFs, and a 2RRU-RRS parallel kinematic mechanism (PKM) with 2R1T DoFs. The 2RRU-RRS PKM has some advantages with a folding structure, only one S joint, two certain rotational axes, and all the fixed actuators. In this article, the conceptual design, theoretical kinematic and dynamic modeling, performance evaluation, and optimization of the parallel system are investigated. A 3D printing model is built to demonstrate the application potential. This article plays an exemplary role in the design of inner-cavity machining hybrid robots.

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