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    Robust Attitude Controller Design for an Uncommon Quadrotor With Big and Small Tilt Rotors


    In this article, a robust attitude controller design for an uncommon quadrotor aerial vehicle is discussed. This aerial vehicle is designed to have two big rotors on the longitudinal axis to increase the lift capacity and flight endurance, and two small tilt rotors on the lateral axis to stabilize the attitude. Similar to other multirotors, linearization of the full nonlinear model and using an appropriate rotor mixing matrix give the approximate diagonal attitude model of this quadrotor around hover. However, this ideal model lacks sensor delays, uncertain parameters, flexible modes of a structure, and inexact decoupling dynamics. Therefore, using this model in the control design limits the achievable attitude control performance. Unlike most studies, a system identification method is applied to estimate a more accurate model and increase the resulting attitude control performance. The aim of this paper is to obtain a suitable nominal model with accompanying uncertainty using robust control criterion in the system identification. In this way, an uncertain model that gives high performance in the subsequent robust control design is obtained. The experimental results show that this combined identification and robust control procedure improves attitude control performance compared to existing classical controller design methods.

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