ASME JMR Top 20 Accessed Articles in 2022

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Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics: Top 20 Accessed Articles in 2022
Paper DOIPaper TitleAuthorsYearVol.Issue and Development of a Compact High-Torque Robotic Actuator for Space MechanismsElias Brassitos, Nader Jalili201796 and Modeling of a Compliant Link for Inherently Safe CorobotsYu She, Hai-Jun Su, Deshan Meng, Siyang Song, Junmin Wang2017101 Assessment of Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model for Dynamic Analysis of Compliant MechanismsNa Li, Hai-Jun Su, Xian-Peng Zhang201795 Origami-Based Medical Support System to Mitigate Flexible Shaft BucklingBrandon Sargent, Jared Butler, Kendall Seymour, David Bailey, Brian Jensen, Spencer Magleby, Larry Howell2020124 Spherical Tensegrity Robot Design Using Rod-Centered Actuation and ControlLee-Huang Chen, Kyunam Kim, Ellande Tang, Kevin Li, Richard House, Edward Liu Zhu, Kimberley Fountain, Alice M. Agogino, Adrian Agogino, Vytas Sunspiral, Erik Jung201792 Bar and Hinge Model for Simulating Bistability in Origami Structures With Compliant CreasesYi Zhu, Evgueni T. Filipov2020122 and Kinematics of Cylindrical Waterbomb TessellationRinki Imada, Tomohiro Tachi2022144 of Origami Structures With Smooth FoldsEdwin A. Peraza Hernandez, Darren J. Hartl, Dimitris C. Lagoudas201686 Hexagonal Structures Based on the Threefold-Symmetric Bricard LinkageFufu Yang, Zhong You, Yan Chen2019121 of Regular One-Dimensional, Two-Dimensional, and Three-Dimensional Linkage-Based TessellationsAlden D. Yellowhorse, Nathan Brown, Larry L. Howell2020122 Computational Design Synthesis Method for the Generation of Rigid Origami Crease PatternsLuca Zimmermann, Kristina Shea, Tino Stanković2021143 of Transformable Metamaterials Inspired by Modular OrigamiYunfang Yang, Zhong You2018102 Rigidly Foldable Origami Mechanisms Based on Synchronized Offset Rolling Contact ElementsRobert J. Lang, Todd Nelson, Spencer Magleby, Larry Howell201792 Foldable Quadrilateral Meshes From Angle ArraysRobert J. Lang, Larry Howell2018102 of the Interacting-BoomCopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Remote Sensor MountingDaniel R. McArthur, Arindam B. Chowdhury, David J. Cappelleri2018102 Elastic Actuators for Small-Scale Robotic ApplicationsPriyanshu Agarwal, Ashish D. Deshpande
201793 Prediction of Flapping-Wing Motion By Incorporating Actuator Constraints With Models of Aerodynamic Loads Using In-Flight DataJohn W. Gerdes, Hugh A. Bruck, Satyandra K. Gupta201792 Extended Family of Rigidly Foldable Origami TubesYan Chen, Weilin Lv, Junlan Li, Zhong You201792 of a 3-RER Parallel Manipulator Based on the Type and Number of Operation ModesXianwen Kong2021132 of a Quadratic, Antagonistic, Cable-Driven, Variable Stiffness ActuatorRyan Moore, Joseph M. Schimmels2021133