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  • Dynamics of Mobile Manipulators Using Dual Quaternion Algebra
    on September 14, 2022 at 12:00 am

    AbstractThis article presents two approaches to obtain the dynamical equations of mobile manipulators using dual quaternion algebra. The first one is based on a general recursive Newton–Euler formulation and uses twists and wrenches, which are propagated through high-level algebraic operations and works for any type of joints and arbitrary parameterizations. The second approach is based on Gauss’s Principle of Least Constraint (GPLC) and includes arbitrary equality constraints. In addition to showing the connections of GPLC with Gibbs–Appell and Kane’s equations, we use it to model a nonholonomic mobile manipulator. Our current formulations are more general than their counterparts in the state of the art, although GPLC is more computationally expensive, and simulation results show that they are as accurate as the classic recursive Newton–Euler algorithm.

Modeling of Flexible-Link Manipulators Under Uncertain Parameters Based on Stochastic Finite Element Method


This paper presents a novel approach to obtain the dynamic model of flexible-link manipulators based on the stochastic finite element method. The links and elements of flexible manipulators are affected by uncertainties. The main sources of uncertainties include the variation of mechanical properties. The present research study conveys the following contributions: (i) modeling the uncertain parameters such as the stiffness of the links as an extension of the finite element method based on stochastic fields and the stochastic finite element method, (ii) numerical method to simulate the dynamic response of flexible manipulation with uncertain parameters in the links based on the Monte Carlo simulation (MCS), and (iii) numerical application of the proposed method to the one-link flexible manipulator and two-link flexible manipulator. Numerical simulations illustrate the proposed approach in terms of joint responses and frequency response functions subject to uncertain parameters.

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