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    Actuation Arrangement of Rigid Foldable Waterbomb Origami


    A novel approach is proposed to arrange the actuations of rigid foldable waterbomb origami with multiple facet loops such that the number of actuations equaled the degrees-of-freedom (DOF) of the origami. In this approach, the rigid waterbomb origami was regarded as a combination of three types of six-crease origami units, which is equivalent to spherical 6R mechanisms with three DOF. Then, clear, target, and arrangement parts were created to define the facets of the origami pattern in the proposed extrapolation method. The actuation arrangement for a waterbomb origami pattern, which extended outwards circumferentially from a six-crease origami unit, was completed, and adams software was used to verify the correctness of the arrangement. Finally, an intuitive mathematical method was used to arrange the actuations for this type of waterbomb origami. The proposed approach provided DOF for the rigid foldable waterbomb origami and facilitated an actuation design such that the origami exhibits unique motion and can be normally actuated.

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