Congratulations to Jian Dai for his election to the Royal Academy of Engineering

Congratulations to Jian S. Dai, Professor and Chair of Mechanisms and Robotics, King’s College London, for his recent election to the Royal Academy of Engineering as a fellow (FREng). This year (2021), sixty new fellows received this prestigious honor:



Professor Jian Dai has made a pioneering contribution to mechanical engineering, most notably by his contributions to the fundamental theory, design and applications of mechanisms and robotic systems. He is particularly noted for having introduced the concept of metamorphic and reconfigurable mechanisms that can be folded and re-erected in an origami-style approach to form mobile or multi-functional devices. Many of these mechanisms have been taken forward to commercialisation by university spin-outs and major industries. He received the DED Mechanisms and Robotics Award established in 1974 and was the 58th recipient of the most prestigious ASME Machine Design Award established in 1958.



Professor Dai also currently serves as an Editor-in-Chief of Robotica, Associate Editor for the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, and Guest Editor for the ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics.