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ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics

    Kinetostatic Modeling of Planar Compliant Mechanisms With Flexible Beams, Linear Sliders, Multinary Rigid Links, and Multiple Loops


    This paper presents kinetostatic models of planar compliant mechanisms with multinary rigid links, multinary joints, sliders, and multiple loops based on the chained beam constraint model. The focus is on modeling of several building blocks of the beam type compliant mechanisms to aid in their design. The modeling approaches are based on the loop-closure equations and the static equilibrium conditions. Models of the multinary rigid links, multinary joints, and sliders are presented. As a result, the kinetostatic models of the compliant mechanisms can be systematically formulated by using these building blocks. Several mechanisms constructed by the building blocks are modeled and verified by finite element analyses. A case study is provided to demonstrate the application of the developed models. These models pave the way for versatile applications of the chained beam constraint model for the design and analysis of beam type planar compliant mechanisms.
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