Nabil Simaan

Nabil Simaan (FIEEE, Ph.D. (2002 Technion, Israel)) is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Otolaryngology at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN. In addition to serving as an Associate Editor for ASME JMR, he has served as an Editor for IEEE ICRA, associate editor for IEEE TRO, Associate Editor for ASME JMR, and editorial board member for Robotica and a co-chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Surgical Robotics. His research interests include parallel robotics, continuum & soft robotics, and design of new robotic systems for dexterous and image-guided surgical robotics. His recent works focuses on use of intraoperative sensing for enabling complementary situational awareness in robot-assisted surgery. His prior research has led to the formation of Auris Surgical Robotics and his prior works have supported the development of new surgical systems such as the Titan Sport system by Titan Medical. He was elected IEEE Fellow for contributions to dexterous continuum robotics for surgery.